Debbie Zalman RN BSN


"Reflexology with Debbie has been the answer to my arthritis pain. She is an expert at reflexology and relating to her clients. When I leave after a treatment, I am free of my arthritis pain, totally relaxed and confident that we have discussed and resolved the issues I have been worried about"

Donna, Lakewood

" I was starting to experience heel pain, particularly in the early mornings and had heard that these were common symptoms of plantar fasciitis. A friend of mine recommended that I consider contacting her reflexologist, Debbie Zalman. My friend spoke so highly of her, that I decided to make an appointment. After my first session with Debbie, I noticed improvement right away, and no longer have that early morning pain. Debbie's reflexology technique just makes your feet sing! It is amazing how energized you feel after each session. So much so, that I make periodic appointments with Debbie as part of my ongoing health maintenance plan. What a prerfect way to decompress after a stressful day at the office"

Michele, Lakewood

"I have been seeing Debbie for years. I honestly think that without her helping hands, I would be crippled up and perhaps in a wheelchair. My knees and feet have been very bad for years. It is a hereditary problem. During the time I have been seeing Debbie, I have had a knee replacement, which still causes me problems. Debbie's visits, even to the house, when I was still recuperating, have kept the circulation moving in my legs and feet as well as the swelling down. I also have a hammer toe, which after her visits, straightens out for about 3 days. I believe this has kept the toe from needing surgery. Debbie has a warm and loving touch that helps sooth way all your problems. I have passed information regarding her services on to friends and family and all have enjoyed their relaxing time spent with her. I recommend her to everyone."
Sandy, Lakewood

"Debbie Zalman is a wonderful Cranio-Sacral Therapist. I have been receiving therapy treatments from her  at regular intervals for several years now after experiencing a whiplash injury in a car accident. What Debbie provides,helps me to function at  my optimum in all aspects of my life. Debbie is very professional and adds her own unique style to this treatment. The therapist-client relationship is a partnership, something I feel is essential for healing. Cranio-sacral therapy is a very special hands on treatment like no other when a partnership like this established"
Debbie P, RN,BSN Evergreen

"I always look forward to my sceduled reflexology sessions with Debbie. She is excellent at creating a safe and comfortable environment conducive to receiving maximum therapeutic benefit from each session. I highly recommend her services as part of anyone's health regime"
Leigh, Littleton

"I highly recommend Deb to family, friends, anyone and everyone. I have been getting reflexology from Deb for over ten years. Her reflexology is so much more than a foot massage! Deb's treatments have helped relieve my many aches and pains and relax. Her Cranio- sacral treatments have helped to alleviate my headaches. She not only has a magic, healing touch, she is interested in the whole person; their health and well-being"
Robyn, Littleton

"Reflexology is a wonderful treatment. When I started with Debbie five years ago, my toes felt like they would fall off when I walked distances. After a few sessions, I was back to mormal. I continue treatment, because it gives me a sense of well being"
Joyce, Denver

"I've been a monthly client of Debbie's for over8 years and have received both reflexology and cranial sacral therapy. Following each session, I'm relaxed, centered and pysically feel better. I sleep deeply and soundly the night of a treatment and wake the next morning feeling rested and energized.
Debbie is extrememly knowledgeable as a RN. She's also great at finding and wokring out the points on my feet and hands with reflexology and is very sensitive to the body's energy and working with it with cranial sacral therapy."
Nancy, Arvada